One BRT vehicle can take up to 90 cars off the road and move more people per lane than cars, making our transportation network more efficient and your commute better!

One BRT vehicle can take up to 90 cars off the road

One BRT vehicle can take up to 90 cars off the road

Each individual stuck in traffic loses about 3½ days per year! And it will only get worse as time goes on.


Montgomery County residents will enjoy the many benefits of this new form of transit:

  • BRT is a reliable way to get you to work and other destinations around the county (shopping, work, medical facilities, and schools ) quickly, so you spend less time in traffic and less money commuting.
  • BRT makes it possible to move more people on the existing road network. Each BRT vehicle can take as many as 90 cars off the road and move more people per lane than cars. That makes our transportation network more efficient. It also makes our air cleaner. And it makes your life less stressful.
  • Montgomery County must look for ways to address traffic congestion as the area continues to grow. We are already experiencing all of the problems that come with too many cars on our roads. And it’s only going to get worse because congestion is predicted to increase 70 percent by 2040.
  • County residents, workers, and visitors need more ways to get around. A BRT system costs less to implement than other rapid transit options. It uses existing roads and increases the transportation connections between communities while providing frequent, reliable service.
  • Communities can be revitalized with the economic development and growth that new transit brings.
  • Areas close to public transit can experience increased property values.


Montgomery County public transit provides some of the best opportunities for accessible transportation.

  • People with disabilities, seniors, and parents with strollers will be able to easily board a BRT. A BRT vehicle has no steps and multiple doors for easy on and off.
  • BRT is bike and pedestrian friendly. Take your bike on BRT. Access bike paths and new, safer pedestrian crosswalks.
  • BRT stations will be comfortable and accessible, accommodating to all riders. Enhanced station lighting will improve safety and visibility.
  • Route signage will be clear and easy to understand.

RELIABLE Frequent service, dedicated lanes, and green light priority signaling keep BRT vehicles moving.

EFFICIENT One BRT vehicle can take up to 90 cars off the road, making our transportation network more efficient and your commute easier.

CLEAN BRT reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions, making our air cleaner.

COMFORTABLE New BRT stations will feature real-time travel info and provide a place for you to wait comfortably and pay your fare before boarding.

COST-EFFECTIVE You can save money by riding BRT instead of driving a car.